We begin during the Full Pink Moon of Spring on Friday, April 19th
The Details:
1.) Price for membership is $333.33 in full.You will become a lifetime member and have access to current and future modules.

2.) All the content will be available at once instead of slowly dripped out. So you can dive into any area you would like from the moment you purchase.

3.) Payment plans are not available at this time. 

4.) Everyone receives full access to Alley Jean by email and can ask her questions about your business.

5.) New Content will be added twice a year, once in the Spring and Once in the Fall–and be available to anyone in the academy.

6.) This course is for women who want to be challenged in their personal and professional life. It entails marketing, visibility, branding and creativity challenges that will increase your revenue and creativity!

7.) We will be meet quarterly for 1.5-2.0 hours virtually.
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Jennifer Glover Riggs
Fluid Impact
"I’ve been working with Alley for the last six months, first on building my brand visibility and logo, and then creating my new website.  My work with Alley surrounding visibility has been  life-changing for me.  

I went from having a very vague idea of what I wanted for my business and being afraid to share my vision, to having a crystal clear vision and plan, and the courage to put that plan into place.  

I couldn’t be happier with my website and logo, but more importantly, I’ve figured out what I want and what I need to do to make progress towards my visibility and business goals."
Louise Cartwright
Women Embracing Wealth
"Alley Jean has had an amazingly positive influence on me personally and professionally.

She's been a constant reminder to stay true to ME. To have faith in my own, unique journey rather than following a blueprint or strategy.

She's allowed me to believe in my ability to grow a business and income through evolution and expansion of self.

She is honest, caring and kick ass all at the same time. Thanks, AJ for being in my life!"